Hip And Thigh Liposuction

Hip and thigh liposuction permanently removes areas of fat. In addition to having fat removed, these areas of the body can be sculpted to give more definition and improved proportion. Hips, inner thighs, saddlebags and knees, or a combination of these areas are particularly prone to fat deposits. As we age, our shape changes. We no longer utilize calories as efficiently; therefore, despite proper eating habits and regular exercise, fat can accumulate on the body. Laser liposuction is a method to target these areas of excess fat deposits and permanently remove them. Sometimes skin excision of the inner thigh (known as a thigh lift or thighplasty) may be performed in addition to liposuction to improve the shape of the leg.

An improved shape, as well as improved self-esteem, can result from body contouring of the hips, thighs and knees.

Hip And Thigh Liposuction

Hip And Thigh Liposuction

thigh liposuction before and after galumbeck plastic surgery This Virginia Beach resident came to Galumbeck Plastic Surgery for improvement in the contour of her hips and thighs. Laser liposuction in our accredited Virginia Beach facility was performed to remove the excess fat and improve her contour. The procedure took approximately one hour to perform. She was back to work and social activities in two days.

Saddlebag Liposuction

liposuction saddlebags before and after This patient was concerned with the shape of her outer thighs. She said that whenever she wore a straight skirt or jeans, her saddlebags would stick out. Although she went to the gym regularly and ate a healthy diet, she could not improve her shape. Laser liposuction, performed by Dr. Galumbeck, sculpted her outer thighs, permanently removing her saddlebag bulge.

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